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I am a ceramic artist who specialises in a unique version of Nerikomi in which I use coloured clay to create vibrant patterns in my hand-built porcelain pieces.


This technique involves slicing, punching out, arranging and laminating together various coloured clays to create intricate, detailed designs that are both structural and decorative. This means the decoration, which at first looks to be painted on the surface, is rather applied through the body of each piece and adds a richness and tactility. This distinctive process allows me to retain clarity and sharpness in the shapes and lines I create, whilst also permitting the malleability of the clay to have an affect on each piece. 

I have always been fascinated by the endless colour possibilities that clay and ceramic stains has to offer and love incorporating various hues and shades into my work which means each piece is unique to the last. I am often inspired by patterns and shapes that I see in textiles and architecture, and I find that I am most often drawn to regular and irregular geometric shapes and repeat patterns, which is evidenced in my work.

My work is high fired, unglazed, sanded and polished to ensure the surface is soft and silky to the touch. The tactility of these pieces makes you want to pick them up and touch them. Although great simply as decorative pieces, I also use a ceramic surface sealer called Liquid Quartz, making all pieces waterproof and food safe and thus can be used as functional ware if desired.  


I first experimented with clay during my Design BA in Sydney, where I learnt to slip cast and throw on the wheel. I have now been making pots for over 6 years, whilst also working as a Design & Technology teacher in Sydney, Australia. I am currently working from a studio in Bristol, England.



May 16-19 2024 | Future Icons Selects, London Craft Week, Oxo Tower Wharf, London

June 7-9 2024 | Craft Festival Bovey Tracey, Bovey Tracey, Devon

July 27-28 2024 | Wonderworks Contemporary Craft Fair, Chagford, Devon


2023 | 11:11 Exhibition, Staffordshire St, London

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